Transforming clinical development of vaccines

Development of new vaccines presents an array of challenges, including recruiting special populations, addressing fragile viral sample logistics and entering endemic geographies – often under tight timelines.

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Learn more about vaccine milestones in public health over 150 years and the upcoming second golden age of vaccines.

To address these challenges, Quintiles’ dedicated team of vaccine experts led by the Quintiles’ Vaccines Center of Excellence (COE) provides global expertise in vaccines and pediatrics, helping sponsors integrate operational, regulatory and commercial aspects of their programs for improved outcomes.

Our global network of high-capacity hubs combined with the right technology platforms help us deliver rapid cost-effective trials with predictable timelines.

Reach the right sites and subjects quickly and efficiently with our global network of high capacity vaccine hubs

Our global vaccine hubs are comprised of high capacity sites that accommodate northern and southern hemisphere studies and endemic geographies that experience a variety of viruses including influenza, pneumococcal, norovirus, malaria, TB, dengue, HIV, and other indications.

Quality data and integration for improved outcomes

Benefit from seamless data integration across all phases of development with Quintiles’ Infosario® technology platform. Near real time access to data and study are also enabled as is risk based monitoring accommodating a mix of on-site and remote site visits.

For data capture, choose traditional electronic data capture (EDC) or eSource technology. With eSource, source data is captured directly into the study database. This approach eliminates the need for manual data transcription and transcription source data verification (SDV), improving timelines, quality, and efficiency.

Reach your goals sooner

You can be confident that enrollment will be accelerated and start up timelines met based on enrollment rates of our vaccines hubs that are the highest performers of our Prime and Partner sites, and from our experience with more than 100 vaccines studies involving more than 230,000 subjects.

Projected time savings for hypothetical Phase II/III study

Quintiles Vaccines’ global network and technology platforms provide rapid and efficient cycle times. When compared to CMR industry benchmarks* we can help you achieve up to:

  • 15% faster start up
  • 18% faster enrollment
  • 43% faster total study duration

*Compared to industry benchmarks defined by CMB International, a Thompson-Reuters company. Cycle time reflects median number of days for Phase II / III / IIIb studies combined for 2008-2012

Vaccine lab testing aligns to global vaccine hubs for optimal data quality

Leverage a worldwide CAP accredited central laboratory network, with sites in all major regions in proximity of our global vaccine hubs including a specialty tuberculosis lab in South Africa. Scientific experts work in state of the art facilities and on platforms including molecular, flow cytometry, single plex and multiplex immunoassays to ensure your serology, virology, and other assay needs are met.

Integrate across clinical, regulatory, commercial expertise for improved outcomes

The Vaccines Center of Excellence at Quintiles can also assist with and implement ancillary services including planning and design, biostatistics, medical writing, pharmacovigilance, data-safety management boards, and real-world late phase studies.
  • 99% Global average GCP and Protocol compliance for Vaccine studies since 2008.

The power of possibilities

Transform your vaccine program and improve probability for success:
Partner with Quintiles and align with global sites and resources, integrated technologies, and vaccine expertise.

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