Translational Oncology

Cutting edge science meets cancer expertise

From genomic profiling, to biomarker discovery, and assay development for companion diagnostics, gain robust translational data to improve your oncology insights.

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Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize many of the cancer biomarkers used in clinical practice today.

Achieve meaningful health outcomes by simplifying your path to success

Though the field is faced with numerous and complex challenges, the growing demand for therapeutics and the potential that stems from successful therapies make the venture into exploring oncology compounds a worthwhile investment. Translational research helps you explore a compound’s biology and focus on what’s important to identify the right markers and develop robust assays including companion diagnostics. By optimizing both drug and diagnostic in parallel, you identify the best patient populations and likely responses, leading to real and applicable results.

Reframe the process to reach a better outcome

When you partner with Quintiles and engage our full suite of translational oncology and global laboratory solutions, your probability of success greatly improves. Regardless of cancer indication or compound class, we provide customized solutions for all phases of oncology drug development.

Our translational research capabilities include:
  • DNA/RNA sequencing and analysis.
  • Comprehensive tissue and fluid-based testing.
  • Biomarker development and validation.
  • Identifying predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers.
  • Developing and validating genomic and proteomic assays that focus on pathways and biomarkers for the drug and tumor type.
  • Whole genome deep sequencing.
  • Microarray SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism).

The power of possibilities

Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 100% of 2014’s top 30 best-selling oncology products or compounds. From genomic analysis to biomarker assessment, we’re equipped with the latest scientific advances in translational oncology and are ready to forge ahead with you.

Learn more about challenges and opportunities arising from the genomic revolution in cancer.

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