Early Phase Oncology

Move your oncology compound from IND to proof of concept (POC) and beyond

Find biomarkers, target the right patient population, and assess toxicity and early signs of efficacy to make a go-no-go decision as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Quintiles has completed over 400 Phase 1 oncology studies during the five year period between 2008-2013.

An informed perspective is critical

An early and accurate understanding of your compound’s potential is essential to moving forward with confidence. Engaged assessments offer the greatest chance of getting to proof of concept as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We help turn your vision into a reality

Quintiles brings both therapeutic and operational expertise along with innovative scientific approaches to early phase oncology studies. We help identify and pursue the most effective course for your compound so you can zero in on the best solution.
  • Far-reaching network—Backed by a system of 1,300 oncology investigators and sites in over 60 countries, Quintiles recruits the most appropriate patients for your study. We also identify the right biomarkers, clinical endpoints and dose-escalation schemes.
  • Smarter decisions—Quintiles helps you go beyond the basics of understanding your compound. We confirm MOA and gain early insights into efficacy.
  • Quality data—Partnering with Quintiles can help you get high-quality data to support your compound’s safety, MTD, and pharmacokinetic profile. In addition, we assess pharmacodynamics, major metabolites, and food effects, develop and implement a biomarker strategy, and determine which imaging technology may be right for you.
  • Smoother path to market—Working as part of your team, we integrate commercial insights into development strategies for optimal commercial planning and market access.

The power of possibilities

Join forces with a demonstrated leader to implement early phase oncology studies. Together, we can lay the groundwork for ultimately improving patient outcomes..

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