Internal Medicine

Deep expertise across a broad range of specialties

Quintiles has the extensive experience, research expertise and integrated capabilities to fulfill the unique and complex development demands of internal medicine products across the range of specialties. 

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More than 135 products gained market access

Quintiles has helped gain market access for more than 135 products in the US since 2003.

Integration can uncover a common thread

With each internal medicine specialty area having different and highly intricate requirements, the drug development process can be daunting. When you start to recognize efficiencies and apply an integrated approach to minimize risk, ensure trial integrity, strictly adhere to regulatory requirements, and demonstrate tangible value to stakeholders at every turn, a new pathway to success is often visible.

Research expertise spans the breadth of multiple specialties

No matter which internal medicine specialty your development efforts are directed toward, Quintiles has the extensive experience, research expertise and integrated capabilities to help you achieve both clinical and commercial success. You’ll benefit from our internal medicine research expertise, which spans the breadth of specialties:

Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology – In the rheumatology arena, our experts can help you navigate scientific advances and changing classification criteria. Quintiles has over 1,900 team members, including four dedicated therapeutic strategy leads and six specialized rheumatologists, experienced in rheumatology trials. In the past five years, we’ve provided clinical services for nearly 284 rheumatology studies involving more than 136,000 subjects and more than 44,000 investigator sites in 75 countries. And Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize 49 of 2013’s top 50 musculoskeletal products or compounds and all of the top 40 rheumatology products or compounds.

Respiratory & Allergy – Respiratory represents one of the most intensely competitive areas and our respiratory experts can help your team navigate the complex and challenging competitive environment. We have a global team of pulmonologists and respiratory medical advisors, as well as senior project directors trained and/or certified on guidelines including GINA, GOLD and ERS/ATS. Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize 100% of the top 20 products and compounds in both Respiratory and Allergy.

Gastroenterology – Gastroenterology studies are on the increase as the industry looks to meet significant unmet needs. Quintiles has four board-certified gastroenterologists, more than 1,300 team members experienced in GI trials, and extensive GI study experience for indications including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, IBS and GERD. In the past five years, Quintiles provided clinical services for more than 150 GI studies involving more than 44,500 subjects and more than 18,000 investigator sites in 54 countries. And Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize 100% of 2013’s top 15 best selling gastrointestinal products or compounds.

Dermatology & Aesthetics – Dermatology represents a very active therapeutic area and our roughly 760 Dermatology team members can leverage their expertise and experience to help guide your development program. In the past five years, Quintiles has provided clinical services for more than 250 Phase 1 – 4 dermatology studies involving approximately 57,000 patients in 67 countries worldwide, covering devices, topical applications and systemic use of monoclonal antibodies and other biologics.

Nephrology – In the past ten years, Quintiles has provided clinical services for more than 130 Phase 1 – 4 nephrology studies involving approximately 53,000 patients in over 70 countries worldwide.

Ophthalmology – We’ve worked on indications from dry eye to glaucoma to retinopathies, and have experience in technologies including optical coherence tomography, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and corneal topography. Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 95% of 2013’s top 20 best selling ophthalmology products or compounds.

You need a partner who understands the unique and complex development needs of internal medicine products. With Quintiles, that’s what you’ll find. Between 1996 and today, we’ve helped develop or commercialize 79% of the biopharma industry’s approved breakthrough products. Our record with specific internal medicine studies includes:

  • 130 trials involving more than 53,000 patients in nephrology.
  • More than 150 dermatology and aesthetics trials.
  • 280+ musculoskeletal and rheumatology trials and 80 late phase trials in orphopedic and rheumatology since 2009.
  • 150+ gastroenterology studies.
  • Ophthalmology experience for various indications and with various technologies
  • A global team of experts in respiratory and allergy.

The power of possibilities

Increasing our customers’ probability of success within all of the possibilities of internal medicine is the driving force behind the expertise and capabilities we’ve applied to this diverse and evolving therapeutic area.

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