Infectious Disease

Reducing the burden on global public health

Infectious diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, HIV and malaria impose a major burden on global public health. Quintiles is committed to reducing this burden by helping you expand your global reach to help populations with the greatest need for new, potentially life-saving vaccines and medications.


In the past five years, Quintiles provided clinical services for more than 380 Infectious Disease studies involving more than 346,000 subjects and more than 21,400 investigator sites in 81 countries.

Strengthen and accelerate your response

Improving global public health is critical, but what can be done to effectively manage the costs of development? How do you ensure that you’re meeting regulatory standards on a global basis? And, how do you quickly and safely get much-needed treatments into the hands of those who so desperately need them?

Get new treatments to market efficiently and cost-effectively

Quintiles can help minimize the obstacles to market and maximize the value of your new infectious disease treatments and microbial agents. More than 1,800 experienced infectious disease team members can deliver your clinical study with high quality results. You’ll benefit from:
  • Rapid enrollment during peak illness seasons.
  • Large, worldwide patient recruitment.
  • Expert monitoring of lengthy, complex studies.
  • Global regulatory compliance.
Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize 96% of 2013’s top 50 best-selling anti-infective products or compounds, and 100% of the top 15. In the past five years alone, we’ve provided clinical services for more than 260 infectious diseases (non-vaccine) studies involving over 168,000 subjects and 10,600 investigator sites in 87 countries.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles is an integral part of some of the world’s most important infectious disease prevention and control efforts. Our success can be seen in the work we’ve done to support biopharma companies as they respond rapidly to urgent needs.

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