Progress your diabetes drugs in a complex landscape

Improve your opportunities for successfully navigating the highly competitive diabetes drug development arena with an experienced, proven partner. By collaborating with Quintiles global therapeutic and operational experts, you can more confidently manage this complex trial environment and get your products to market faster.


97% of 2014's Top 30 products

Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 97% of the Top 30 best-selling diabetes products of 2014.

Make headway in a crowded marketplace

From global pharmaceutical companies to small biotech firms, customers are actively working to address the unmet needs of more than 366 million patients living with diabetes worldwide. The market is crowded—over 200 compounds are currently in development, and competition is fierce to enroll patients in trials and bring drugs to market sooner.

Use our expertise to your advantage

Our foundation is built on the Diabetes Center of Excellence, which provides you with a cross-functional global team of more than 1,000 therapeutic, scientific and operational experts. These experts combine their specialized knowledge with data-driven insights to optimize your diabetes drug development process.

We have the experience, knowledge and processes in place to see your product through the entire lifecycle.
  • Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize 100% of 2013’s top 30 best selling diabetes products or compounds.
  • Overall, across Phase II, III and IIIb, Quintiles has performed 50 days or 19.8% faster than benchmark for enrollment with the potential to generate roughly an additional $95 million in revenue by helping to get needed medications to patients sooner.
  • In the past five years (2009-2013), Quintiles has provided clinical services for more than 400 diabetes studies involving more than 250,000 subjects and nearly 55,000 investigator sites in 73 countries worldwide.
  • In the past five years, we’ve provided insulin titration support for 34 trials in 30 countries, helping more than 53,500 patients reach their appropriate glycemic goals.

Gain traction with candidates who best fit trial criteria

Roughly 500 diabetes trials are planned or underway in the United States alone. Because trials for diabetes are generally complex and lengthy, it’s imperative to quickly enroll the most qualified patients who can be retained through trial completion.

We understand diabetes patients and their healthcare motivations, which helps us identify the best candidates. Our Quintiles Right Start approach accelerates the patient recruitment and enrollment process whether patients are being sought regionally or globally.

Find answers for diverse challenges

With the average diabetes trial lasting five years, each step of a study must be carefully planned and executed to control costs, allocate resources, mitigate risk, maintain quality and deliver better outcomes. Diabetes trials are also subject to intense regulatory scrutiny with the mandate that cardiovascular endpoint studies be conducted as a part of the development process—which adds another layer of complexity.

Quintiles’ data-driven trial design expertise helps optimally balance time, cost and risk to improve the rate of success for diabetes trials. Our Quintiles Right Start approach helps effectively address the myriad of challenges for study planning and execution—including identifying the right countries and sites for trials and implementing the appropriate regulatory procedures.

Establish commitment through education and engagement

Once patients are enrolled and a trial is underway, patients must be motivated to adhere to medications and remain involved through the duration of the trial in order to successfully collect the data needed to demonstrate the trial outcomes. With committed clinical educator teams and expansive adherence tools to help educate and engage diabetes patients, we help improve the likelihood of patients' adherence to medications.

Face real world questions with confidence

Once a drug is on or poised to enter the market, safety oversight and risk management are crucial to initial and long-term success in the marketplace. Diabetes is a global pandemic with a competitive market—regulators, payers, providers and patients are increasingly demanding better evidence to inform their decision-making.

We are the leaders in real world/late phase research and management of diabetes. We offer comprehensive evidence development, from interventional/Phase IV trials through observational research and patient registries and retrospective database assets and networks. Whether monitoring safety or evaluating benefit-risk, demonstrating efficacy and effectiveness, gaining market access, expanding labeling and approved indications or understanding natural history of disease and treatment, we can provide the right approach for the right question to improve your product’s success in the real world.

The power of possibilities

We work with companies of all sizes and budgets to provide integrated and collaborative services in support of diabetes drug development. Together we can create the necessary framework to take your compound from concept to reality.

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