Transforming your cardiovascular development program with experience and insight

Cardiovascular research and development is enormously important when considering that heart disease is the number one cause of death globally. Cardiovascular drug and device development are among the most complex therapeutic domains to navigate.

Top 30 best-selling cardiovascular products of 2014

Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize all of 2014’s Top 30 best-selling cardiovascular products.

Working with the right partner to advance your cardiovascular research

Having the right approach and right resources are critical to your success. Quintiles helps optimize your cardiovascular trials with end-to-end services and solutions for every stage of development. Trust our industry-leading global experience, insight and resources to help design and implement advanced cardiovascular programs tailored to your needs.

Innovative clinical services for cardiovascular disease

Including stroke, heart attack and heart failure

Quintiles helps your cardiovascular programs achieve: 

  • Reduced timelines for drug or device development 
  • Superior cardiac safety services that maximize your therapy’s potential
  • Faster site start-up and patient recruitment 
  • Enhanced predictability of outcomes through smarter trial designs 
We also offer full-service Clinical Event Validation and Adjudication (CEVA) services, and real-world late phase research (RWLPR) solutions to support evidence requirements for your cardiovascular programs.

Engage our Cardiovascular Center of Excellence

Providing global infrastructure, scientific expertise and technological innovation for your cardiovascular research

Our Cardiovascular Center of Excellence helps drive strategy for optimizing your cardiovascular program outcomes while managing risks. Rely on our experts’ cardiovascular scientific and clinical expertise, coupled with superior trial execution, to guide your cardiology research.

The power of possibilities

Cardiovascular development presents some of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical research and development today. Quintiles is at the forefront of overcoming those challenges – and has a track record of helping customers achieve their cardiovascular goals.