Real-world late phase research is becoming critical to product success

Determining the right approach to achieve research objectives requires expertise and experience in real-world and late phase research. Quintiles, a leader in interventional IIIb/IV studies and observational research, is the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services. Whether monitoring safety and evaluating benefit risk or demonstrating effectiveness and gaining market access or proving efficacy in new indications and new formulations, Quintiles offers you a comprehensive approach to evidence development.

Quintiles has access to more than 19 million patient lives from hospital data in the COMPASS network

Real-world and late phase research is becoming critical to product success as stakeholders seek additional evidence to support regulatory, reimbursement and prescribing decisions. New studies must meet emerging scientific standards for design, operations, analysis and quality assurance.

An experienced strategic research and technology partner, Quintiles can help guide the design and implementation of a high-quality program tailored specifically to meet your needs. Achieve research objectives with a dynamic combination.

Develop lifecycle solutions that facilitate marketplace success

Planning for real-world and late phase research earlier in the product lifecycle can help ensure the success of your product once it reaches the market. You can rely on Quintiles’ extensive clinical development experience from end-to-end lifecycle solutions and the assurance of an effective plan to transition evidence development efforts from early phase research into Phase IIIb and post-approval. These innovative strategies and tools can help bring commercial insights to clinical development, resulting in more efficient studies that can meet different stakeholder needs and provide higher quality data to help improve a product’s success in the marketplace.

Through these offerings, we can help you reduce complexities, mitigate risks and decrease costs of overall product development. As a research partner, we give our customers a continuity of knowledge on company procedures, extensive knowledge on the compound and the ability to facilitate internal stakeholder interaction.

Quintiles helps to provide the development of a more complete picture of the product, to help you improve your probability of reimbursability.