Reporting & Oversight

Insights that give you the full picture of your trial, so you can take action immediately and ensure success

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Nearly 1M patients enrolled in studies

In 10 years, we enrolled nearly 1M patients in studies at over 100,000 sites worldwide with an 87% on-time enrollment rate.

Proactively manage safety, quality and performance, with full visibility into your trial’s progress. Reporting & Oversight, powered by Quintiles Infosario®, gives you on-demand access to your study, program, and portfolio metrics in a dashboard view. This helps you uncover more accurate clinical and operational insights and make sure that you are on the right path in development.

Providing trial oversight, reporting, and data-driven alerts to actively manage trial progress.

  • Use all relevant, integrated data for the most comprehensive picture of your development progress, 24/7.
  • Leverage interactive data visualizations to gain greater control at every step of your trial.
  • Easily drill down information to detect problematic trends, mitigate risk, and improve quality.
  • Ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance with data transparency.

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