Prove Product Value & Safety

Generate insights through digital relationships

Digital engagement enables connections with more patients to access valuable real-world information. Together we can harness that information to cultivate deeper understanding, prove product value and demonstrate safety. 


>400 direct-to-patient studies

Greater than 400 direct-to-patient studies in more than 30 countries conducted since 2008.

Collect real-world data with better efficiency

Capturing real-world patient data is essential to demonstrate product value and safety. Direct digital engagement reduces time and costs of collecting patient-reported outcomes, medical records, lab and device diagnostics, and other key information. 

Transform your patient interactions

Quintiles’ industry-leading tools and technology help you capture and analyze valuable patient data to measure health outcomes and burden of illness, validate PRO instruments and identify genetic biomarkers. We can facilitate hybrid virtual trials, combining components of the traditional clinical trial pathway with the convenience of remote participation, which will enable you to:

  • Reduce patient burden by leveraging web reporting, call center interaction and in-home nurse visits.
  • Decrease study expenses and timelines.
  • Increase patient engagement.
Patient Provider Engagement-Prove Product infographic

The power of possibilities

By improving the ways you connect with patients, you can help reshape the future of drug development.

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