Product Launch

A proven approach to achieving commercial success

Maintain the strategic direction of your asset while maximizing its commercial potential. With a comprehensive range of proven commercial services, Quintiles can tailor the right solution to help launch your product, portfolio or company in any global market.

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220 product launches in 20 countries

Quintiles has supported more than 220 product launches in 20 countries in the past 5 years (2009–2014).

Preserve your capital and your brand

Determining the best approach to launch can be challenging. Out licensing may provide immediate commercial muscle at the expense of autonomy, but building the commercial infrastructure to independently support a successful launch may drain capital needed elsewhere. You need a partner with a deep understanding of diverse stakeholders, health systems and pharma branding, and the resources to implement smart strategies.

The right resources at every step

Quintiles has supported more than 220 product launches in 20 countries since 2009. Guided by your priorities, we help you drive successful commercialization with a complete lineup of services. From upfront strategic planning to tactical execution, we can accurately assess the gaps in your capabilities, then rapidly fill them with highly skilled marketers, medics, regulatory experts and sales leaders.

Benefits of a commercialization partnership with Quintiles include:
  • Retaining full strategic control over your product.
  • Keeping internal resources focused on your core portfolio.
  • Maximizing the value of your product to your company.
  • Retaining the flexibility for future business opportunities.
  • Reduced operational risk.


The power of possibilities

Quintiles’ comprehensive offerings and innovative methods can help optimize your operations now, and your product’s value in the long run.

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