Patient Engagement Services

Strong commercial success depends on the strength of relationships

Support from patients plays a key role in determining your product’s commercial success. Quintiles specializes in helping brands form connections and reinforce bonds with patients throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle – from clinical development through commercialization. As an industry leader in direct-to-patient research, we are poised to help build strong bridges between your product and the patients you serve.

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>400 direct-to-patient studies

More than 400 direct-to-patient studies in more than 30 countries conducted since 2008.

Implement an approach that leads to more effective communication

Patients today interact with a highly networked, digital healthcare environment. As a result, making connections in this crowded environment can be a challenge for drug developers. Together we can create a customized approach that enables you to engage patients with efficient and effective methods.

The Quintiles approach

A focus on patient engagement

At Quintiles, we understand the critical role patient engagement plays in the success of your product, and our world-class services reflect that recognition. The digital solutions we offer and the patient communities we establish and grow can help your organization realize the benefits patient engagement can bring.

Our patient engagement experience includes:
  • Having conducted nearly 400 direct-to-patient projects over the past 6 years.
  • Management of more than 1000 projects in more than 40 countries, with 100+ unique conditions/indications.

Digital solutions

A world-class platform

Quintiles has invested in the development of a secure Patient Relationship Management platform. It supports our own patient communities as well as the deployment of a variety of customized sponsor programs globally. This platform is designed to deliver services to patients, as well as implement novel direct-to-patient outcomes research programs involving the collection of patient-reported data (PRO), electronic medical record information (EMR), genomic/laboratory samples (labs) and digital health devices (mobile, activity trackers).

Patient communities

A dynamic opportunity

Quintiles’ Digital Patient Unit actively reaches out to patients to enroll them in a number of different healthcare communities. Our patient communities represent a large repository of profiled, highly responsive patients who can be mobilized in a very short turnaround time. As a result, these communities have become a highly strategic tool unique to Quintiles.

Our patient communities allow for rapid testing of clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria in real-world patients, collection of patient feedback on study design, messages and materials to enhance participation, and pre-screening of patients for referral to clinical trial sites. Additionally, we can build trial-specific or disease-focused communities to enhance patient retention in clinical trials.

Two key components of the Digital Patient Unit are, a medication monitoring service, and, a clinical trial search service. While the patient offering for each of these communities is different, the end goal is the same: to create relationships with patients and obtain consent to recontact for research opportunities. In late 2007, Quintiles created, a medication monitoring service designed to connect with a large number of patients for potential research opportunities. Currently over 2.6 million patients in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia have registered for MediGuard’s service, making one of the largest and fastest-growing global healthcare communities in history. Quintiles created in 2009 to increase awareness of, understanding of and participation in clinical trials. This site provides patients with information about the clinical trial process, access to trusted health information resources, and search capabilities for active studies and patient testimonials. Site visitors can easily search the most complete list of trials around the globe in order to locate studies that are nearby and relevant to their specific condition. In addition, we notify the site’s approximately 250,000 members when new study opportunities become available in their area.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles’ Patient Engagement Services allow you to harness the many insights quality patient relationships offer. Unleashing those insights and exploring the impact they have can help you and your patients benefit from more opportunities and greater success.

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