U.S. Reimbursement, Access & Distribution

Position your brand for U.S. adoption

Expand the potential of your product in the U.S. – the world’s largest pharmaceutical market. To gain broader formulary coverage and favorable reimbursement, demonstrate the value of your product to the right stakeholders at the right time.

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Gained market access for >145 products in the U.S. since 2003

Anticipate what U.S. payers want

Payers are pushing for more evidence of value, bringing a new level of scrutiny to formulary and reimbursement decisions. Working together at the earliest stages of your commercial planning, Quintiles can help you tailor your value proposition and pricing to local and national health plans. Our team of national account managers works with the majority of commercial plans – as well as Medicare and Medicaid – that influence most of the prescriptions written in the U.S. 

Get the most out of your value dossier

We help you accelerate your product adoption, working closely with the wide array of agencies and stakeholders:
  • Government – FDA, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Federal Trade Commission, Securities & Exchange Commission, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and state governance
  • Managed care – Health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, employers, group purchasing organizations and staff model HMOs 

Get your product on more shelves

Build a distribution network that positions your product for success on plan formularies. We’ll also work on your behalf to help you reach wholesalers, retail, hospital and specialty pharmacies, clinics and home health agencies.

The power of possibilities

Put our relationships to work for your product. We’ve worked with a majority of all third-party payers – including top managed care organizations, national HMOs and smaller regional plans. To learn more, explore the Fact Sheet at right.