Market Access Implementation

Deploy the right resources to facilitate market entry. Achieving market access with speed and efficiency requires providing stakeholders with convincing proof of product value. Partner with Quintiles to help effectively build and communicate a compelling value dossier to the right stakeholders.

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Building long-term brand value begins with better relationships

The shift in power from physicians to multiple stakeholders is a key hurdle to long-term brand success. This evolution is making an already challenging environment even more complex and less predictable. If you want to make a real impact on your product’s possibility of success, you’ll need a fresh approach to improving health outcomes for patients on a local level.

Tailored solutions can drive behavior change for better outcomes

To successfully drive patient adherence for your drug, you’ll need a deeper understanding of patient behavior and their unmet needs. Quintiles can help you gain insight into the patient viewpoint by leveraging patient communities - providing patient support, fostering patient dialogue and collecting rich data on intervention successes and patient outcomes. By connecting with payers, regulators and influencers, we explore their needs and share our understanding to help you create and present patient specific value dossiers that meet requirements for product adoption and reimbursement.

Five ways to strengthen relationships with stakeholders:
Building knowledge – Engage with stakeholders on a national and regional level using both patient and market data as a foundation of your knowledge.

Improving patient adherence and outcomes – Using a combination of communication channels in the provision of support programs, we can tailor interventions specific to patient profiles to improve adherence and achieve better health outcomes.

Designing evidence-based programs – Collecting primary and secondary research data for strategies that can ultimately support better market access and product adoption.

Laying a foundationConnecting with payers to gain an understanding of their needs and putting the right components in place to help achieve market access.

Communicating with all stakeholders – Working with patient advisory boards and associations to understand the unmet needs of patients including information and support.

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