Market Access

Demonstrate your drug’s value to help accelerate access

Healthcare systems and a variety of stakeholders are demanding convincing value data to show improved outcomes before approving new drugs. Quintiles combines strategic thinking with the ability to capture and analyze complex clinical data to effectively demonstrate real-world outcomes. But we don't stop there - our reach extends to field based teams who connect with payers on a local level to help communicate your product value story.

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>530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs with >74,000 sites and >650,000 patients in >100 countries since 2011

It’s never too soon to define your market access strategy

Validate product value and accelerate approval more effectively with early development of your strategic approach – beginning while your compound is still in clinical development. With a clear understanding of your stakeholders’ requirements, you can start collecting the best data to demonstrate potential outcomes and engage with them to get their support prior to launch.

Connecting clinical insight with commercialization experience

As healthcare systems become more complex and payers' influence becomes more prominent, Quintiles can help you create and implement an integrated market access strategy to successfully target your message, gain adoption on formularies, and negotiate better pricing and reimbursement.

Our experts work with you during clinical development to map out appropriate disease profiles and plan market implementation. By understanding the diverse needs of all audiences, we collect the right kinds of evidence required to present compelling value and outcomes data to each stakeholder. This integrated approach enables you to confidently illustrate how your new product and desired pricing compares with existing treatments, which will help demonstrate the additional value of your drug.

Throughout the process, you gain access to important data, key stakeholders and indispensable market awareness. This includes:
  • A global network of regulatory experts sitting in-market, with existing relationships to decision makers in the healthcare system.
  • >19,000 HTA data records captured from 100 agencies in 32 countries as of February 2016
  • >530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs with >74,000 sites and >650,000 patients in >100 countries since 2011
  • >160 patient registries and observational studies with >45,000 sites and >427,000 patients in >100 countries since 2011
  • Observational studies and quality improvement programs across >74,000 sites since 2004

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