Vacancy Management

Temporary vacancies can bring your business to a full stop – whether due to sickness, maternity leave or even a headcount freeze. Quintiles can help.


More than 5,600 contract medical sales representatives

A salesforce that exceeds that of most biopharmaceutical companies including some top 25 pharma companies.

We recruit quality candidates to work for you in the field as part of your permanent sales team – covering territories locally, regionally or nationally. With our recruitment track record – well over 60,000 representatives across primary and specialty care – you can be confident we are able to attract candidates who can deliver sales. 

How fast can we staff your vacant positions? We typically source primary care specialists in under 20 days, specialty care professionals within 31 days. 

Flexible coverage even over the short term can help you:
  • Manage costs while decreasing your fixed costs. 
  • Minimize sales decline in empty territories and reduce the cost of re-starting business. 
  • Protect your business from the impact of lost selling time. 
  • Count on more flexibility to capitalize on areas of high market potential.
  • Avoid risks in recruitment: Assess individual performance before making a permanent commitment. 

All sales representatives or managers are Quintiles employees. However, at any point, you have the option to:
  • Hire a representative permanently.
  • Extend or discontinue the relationship according to your business needs.