Syndicated Sales

Mature brands and small organizations alike are seeking cost-effective sales force management to reach prescribers. Our solution: Syndicated sales.

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More than 5,600 contract medical sales representatives

A salesforce that exceeds that of most biopharmaceutical companies including some top 25 pharma companies.

Also known as shared sales, our syndicated sales professionals represent multiple companies and promote non-competing products to primary care practitioners. Outside of the US, we also target specialty care physicians. And we know commercial sales: in the past 30 years, we’ve deployed approximately 50,000 pharmaceutical representatives with 5,000 in the field today.

Flexible sales force management increases sales coverage while cutting costs.

  • Optimize face time with targeted physicians but change detailing approach as needed. 
  • Expand an existing sales force for rapid promotion of a new product despite budget constraints. 
  • Free existing pharma reps to focus on core products. 
  • Bolster sales force capacity to increase promotional activity, reach, frequency or share of voice without increasing commercial risk. 
  • Customize part-time or full-time shared sales models that reduce costs by amortizing them across multiple partners, allowing changes in detailing position. 
  • Access the highest volume prescribing primary and specialty care physicians (primary only in US).


Syndicated Sales Perspectives

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