Multi-Country Solutions

Support your global expansion with a strong local infrastructure

Tap into our expertise and access to developed and emerging markets to establish your presence and effectively convey your product message to the right stakeholders.

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220 product launches in 20 countries

Quintiles has supported more than 220 product launches in 20 countries in 20 countries in the last 5 years (2009-2014).

Maximize product potential through global reach and local knowledge

Entering multiple markets doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flexibility, take on more risk or relinquish strategic control. Whether your goal is to expand reach to new global markets or to simply lower costs and operational risks in existing ones, an experienced partner can facilitate a successful introduction and help navigate unfamiliar territory.

Enter multiple markets with more confidence

With 29,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries, Quintiles has the critical local knowledge, experience and resources to help you enter new target markets successfully. We have supported more than 220 product launches in 20 countries since 2009. Our global network includes both developed and emerging markets, including Latin America, Russia and the Middle East.

With our proven global pharma commercial infrastructure, Quintiles is poised to help you:
  • Lower the risk of entering new countries and regions through our knowledge of local specifics and procedures.
  • Stay in control of team performance with globally consistent reporting across different countries.
  • Provide customizable resources such as regulatory support, lifecycle safety services, market access, medical communications, marketing solutions and sales forces.
  • Responsively scale and adjust resources according to market shifts to maintain performance.

The power of possibilities

Partnering with Quintiles positions you to navigate multiple markets with confidence.

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Case Study May 09, 2010
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